Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who is the real Entrepreneur Magazine?

For entrepreneur’s, Entrepreneur Magazine (EMI) is a distinguished publication which promotes the success of new and growing businesses.  However, a recent Bloomberg article has come across my desk, which offers an alternative and darker side to EM.  The article outlines EMI’s controversial revenue, proceeds from trademark infringement lawsuits against those very entrepreneurs the Magazine was established to enable.  The most recent target for EMI is a website created by a serial entrepreneur in Austin, Texas,   EMI defends its actions by claiming it’s not an infringement if the noun is used in an informal context, such as, Dr. Wadhwani is an entrepreneur.  However, If Pacific’s Eberhardt School of Business honored a student with an award such as, Pacific’s Most Valuable Entrepreneur, then we would be infringing on EMI’s trademark.  So to EMI, I say to you – stop being such an ass!!   Either you are for the entrepreneurs or not.  The actions taken provide evidence that the heart of EMI is not with the entrepreneurs.  With that said, I will NOT renew my subscription to the publication and I hope you do the same.
Oh, by the way, the original founder of Entrepreneur Magazine was convicted of bank robbery.  I don’t consider that a conventional liquidity event.  However, to each their own.

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